Small Space, Big Ideas

550 Sq. Ft. & a Whole Lot of Design!

Ryan Townsend, a 30 year old “creator”, managed to transform a rundown 550 square foot rental apartment into a jaw dropping luxury pad.  The rental unit is part of a converted heritage house that when Ryan signed the papers was rundown, dingy and included “vile” kitchen appliances – but the price was right.  He thought outside the box, broke every design rule and created something most designers would never dare.  His kitchen features a 60 inch La Cornue stove, costing $60,000 new, a $10,000 range hood and he finished it off with a custom made concrete-tile backsplash with citrus and blue ceramic paint.  He also designed a custom faux overlay for the fireplace giving it a very old 16th century look, and created handmade marble tiles for the kitchen floor and cast his own concrete countertops.

Everything he purchased for the house was at a bargain, whether it be from antique dealers, classifieds or auctions.  The living room is an antique showroom with a baby grand piano and a grand chandelier you’d expect to see in a mansion.  When Ryan is hired to design a space he ends up doing much more, including creating pieces for the space.  He explains, “I like the ability to create.  I like to find something that can challenge me to push my limit, to create something slightly over-the-top.”  His apartment also managed to win over judges in a national design contest.  He won Best Small Space honours in an annual contest held by Canadian House & Home magazine.  There’s no argument that what’s he created is beautiful and one of a kind.

Interesting Facts About Ryan’s ‘Small Space’
The bed in the Master Bedroom is a King Size Leather Wing Bed designed by Ralph Lauren.  The chandelier in the bedroom is a wood carved antique chandelier that Ryan purchased in piece at auction for $20.00.  The large canvas of the Eiffel Tower in the kitchen was taken by Ryan and enlarged to 1000%, it swings open and behind it is a hidden pantry.  His lease states “No Pianos” yet he managed to sneak in a Baby Grand Piano with the help of 6 movers and a 30′ ramp!

All Photos Courtesy of: Darren Stone, Victoria Times Colonist

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