Spring Lake, NJ’s Landmark Swain House Demolished (PHOTOS)

Spring Lake, NJ’s Landmark Swain House Demolished

Spring Lake, New Jersey, United States

Architect William Decker designed the towering summer home in the Queen Anne Victorian style in 1893 for William James Swain on four lots occupying a large corner in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Jersey Shore Homes revealed that William Swain became ill at the home and passed away in one of the bedrooms in 1903. Swain’s son, William Mosley Swain, inherited the house and lived there until his retirement. Brittany Lavelle told Jersey Shore Homes, “Although it looked like the house has been re-shingled, a few windows had been replaced, and of course deterioration had set in, the house stood almost identical as to when Mr. Swain resided within its walls, including its accompanying guest and carriage house in the rear, I can only imagine the inside, as there is no historical record or photos of the interior.” The mansion was torn down in December 2013 and the vacant lot first hit the market in March 2014 for $7.5 million. It sold for $3.3 million in October 2014 and a new home was built in its place. While the new construction is definitely fitting with the historic neighbourhood, it’s upsetting that we’ve lost such a unique piece of architecture, especially without documenting the interiors first. Photography by Spring Lake Historical Society, Lenny | Flickr and Google Maps.

Corner house - Spring Lake,NJ.

Victorian House in Spring Lake,NJ.


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