Terrible Tuesday: Worst of the Week $1.147 M

ResizeImage-6.cTerrible Tuesday: Worst of the Week $1.147 M

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

If you’re wanting a home with several sideways rooms, a sloping kitchen, or even a upside down media room then look no further, this $1.147 million residence is perfect for you!  Spanning over 6,600 square feet the first line of the description, “Look at the rest then see the best…”, suggests what we will be seeing will be something quite nice.  Unfortunately the photos the agent has uploaded with the property are anything but nice.


It would be easy to understand how one sideways photo can slip through but here we see four completely sideways/upside down photos as well as a photo with a child clearly in it!  The closing line of the description reads, “Come see this dream we will make it come true.”  We’ll pass on this one.  Scroll down to see the rest of the photos.


Sideways Bathroom
Sloping Kitchen
Sideways Hallway
Upside Down Media Room