The Creepiest Listing Photos You’ll Ever See (PHOTOS)

The Creepiest Listing Photos You’ll Ever See

1944 Livorno Way, Eagle, Idaho, United States

Whoever was in charge of staging this family home in Eagle, Idaho should have to spend a night with the lights out in the master bathroom.  I’m sure they’ll come back a changed person.  Under no circumstances is it a good idea to use plastic mannequins to show potential buyers what they can be doing in the home.  Even at a pretty good distance just catching a glimpse of this scene is rather frightening.

The agent describes it as a, “Killer Master Bath,” which could lead us to believe that the bathtub has somehow transformed the former owner into a plastic mannequin, okay probably not.  The tub, which on its own looks quite inviting, is filled with cotton “bubbles” covering what may or may not be a mannequins body beneath.  As weird as this bathtub scene is it didn’t stop there, the stager thought it would be a good idea to put a nice fancy bow on the toilet.  The whole thing is just strange. Very strange.







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