The Water Castle – Price Upon Request

Price Upon Request

The Water Castle was built in 2006 according to the most cutting-edge design and technology demands.  The castle is more than 19,000 square feet. and has five floors with a total of 25 rooms.  You reach the front square of the castle via a spacious access road.  Two impressive staircases invite you into the palatial building.  The entry hall on the third floor with an area of approximately 1,227 square feet. features a white marble floor, which together with the white, wood-panelled walls and gilded decors looks majestic.  The ceiling in the entry hall features stucco, arched beams, indirect lighting and a ceiling painting.  With a marble fireplace in the French style, the reception area has a very cosy feel.  The windows are decorated with artistic floral patterns.  At the back of the entry hall there is an aquarium sunk into the floor, which you cross to reach the spacious balcony overlooking the lake.

On the third floor there is a gallery, a hunting room, a boudoir and several offices.  All rooms match stylistically.  Each room has a marble fireplace and most cabinets have been integrated into the wall panelling.  The residential floors are on the fourth and fifth floors.  The kitchen area features a white marble floor and black decor strips; the walls are hand-filled and painted.  The kitchen fixtures are white and red; the counter is all black marble.  In the middle of the kitchen there is a kitchen island, which is made of stainless steel, as is the exhaust hood.  An adjacent utility room hides away machines and fixtures, such as a washing machine, a dryer, a sink and several built-in cabinets.  There is also a marble floor in the dining area and built-in cabinets made of rosewood, which offer additional storage space.  The area over the wall panelling is covered with fabric.

The fabulous garden across from the castle has been laid out with a great deal of care and encompasses an area of approximately 2.4 acres.  Impressive garden landscapes with artistically designed plants and trees give the castle garden a nice finishing touch.  The castle’s own paddock with stalls (approximately 8,611 square feet) guarantee a sense of wellbeing for both rider and steed.  Behind the barns there is a small animal park which houses several bird species, among other animals.  A small fir forest behind the lake which leads to a charming orangery invites you to take a stroll.  There is also a comfortable guest house with a living area of approximately 1,291 square feet on the property which offers your guests accommodations with a grand ambience.  All buildings have state-of-the-art equipment with alarm systems and video monitoring.  In total, the property has nine garages and eight parking spaces.  This splendid Water Castle is situated in a gorgeous area; it leaves no wish unfulfilled and is unique in Germany.

Price: Price Upon Request
Size: 19,375 Sq. Ft.
Bedrooms: Unknown
Bathrooms: Unknown
Speciality Items: Five Floors, 25 Rooms, Two Staircases, 1,227 Sq. Ft. Entry Hall on the 3rd Level, Arched Beams, Marble Fireplaces, Black Marble, Private Lake, Formal Gardens, 1,291 Sq. Ft. Guest house, Equestrian Paddock & Stalls (8,611 Sq. Ft.), Animal Park with Several Bird Species & Other Animals, Small Fir Forest, State of the Art Electronics & Alarm Systems, Nine Garages.
Address: Postbauer, Bayern, Germany

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