Tunisian Mansion Destroyed

It’s been two weeks since this lavish seaside Mansion was beaten, smashed and burnt by angry mobs.  Neighbours around the home say it was occupied by a nephew of former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.  Every day, several Tunisians can be seen at the home going through debris and taking pieces of the home, Sami Soukah says, “They stole the people’s money.  We are not sorry that this happened.”  Another angry Tunisian described the home as an “illegal building” built on “illegal land.”  Today, the Mansion is just a shell with an infinity pool filled with debris, wide screen TV’s smashed, furniture charred, 30 Foot Floor to Ceiling Windows completely shattered and the smell of fire is strongly present.  There is also a large amount of graffiti spread throughout the home including “The Rich got Richer.  The Poor got Poorer” which can be seen on a wall in a marble tiled bedroom, which once had a jacuzzi.  Another wrote “You killed the people, Ben Ali,” in the hallway overlooking the landscaped gardens which includes tropical plants and fountains.  Many of the onlookers had never known how lavishly Ben Ali’s family lived, so when the Mansion was ransacked the people were shocked.  Some took pieces of glass or marble as a souvenir to remind them that the dark days were over.  During his 23 year rule, the Ben Ali family controlled a great number of companies and real estate, sometimes taken by force.  The family got whatever they wanted – cash, services, land and even a yacht that somebody else owned.  Tunisia was said to be their personal treasure chest – and the people are finally taking back what is rightfully theirs.

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