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Vancouver House Lists for $1.00 CAD

Vancouver House Lists for $1.00 CAD

Vancouver House Lists for $1.00 CAD
November 08
14:26 2014

Vancouver House Lists for $1.00 CAD

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It’s safe to say this recent offering on Craigslist could quite possibly be the cheapest home ever listed in the city. Early last week a Craigslist ad popped up advertising this character home in Vancouver for just $1.00 CAD ($0.88 USD for our American friends), but there’s a catch. You must move the entire structure off the current lot to a new location.  This comes as a bit of a surprising change to what typically happens in Vancouver. The owner’s of the home, which are mostly likely developers, are giving the general public the chance to save this character home from the wrecking ball.  Something you don’t normally see.  The listing which has now been removed said, “Need a house for your farm, island property, or just need a house? It’s yours!”  The home features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and over 1,820 square feet of living space.  It’s been rumoured that moving costs could run close to $100,000 CAD which is nothing considering the home is just $1.00 CAD!

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