Vancouver Rentals: 10 Closets Under $1,000/Month (PHOTOS)

Vancouver Rentals: 10 Closets Under $1,000/Month

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cheap? No way. Illegal? Most likely. Small? Absolutely. Renting in Vancouver is not what it used to be. These windowless firetraps are quite literally interior closets in luxury condos. Believe it or not but there is actually a sizeable market for these less than spacious and somewhat dingy rooms. These listings are proof that renting in the big city is just as difficult as owning. We’ve found ten closets to rent in Vancouver ranging in price from $460 to $1,000 monthly. Some come with shelving and brackets still intact while others include the condo’s electrical panel. Scroll down and take a peek at what’s available! *Due to some backlash on previous posts regarding the same topic, we feel we need to say this. Pricey Pads does not condone renting closets and is in no way connected to any of the individuals seeking tenants. 



$460/month – Yaletown. “Furnished den. Female working or student only. Minimum stay three months.”


$650/month + $325 (deposit) – 610 Granville Street. “Den available with twin mattress. This space is just for girls.”





$680/month + $340 (deposit) + $150 (key deposit) – Abbott Street at Pacific Boulevard. “Cozy den with single foam mattress, 1 drawer and 1 hanger.”



$680/month + $340 (deposit) – Downtown Vancouver. “Bed with mattress. Renting to ONE PERSON ONLY!!!”





$750/month – Burnaby at Thurlow. “Den comes with twin size bed, bedside table and a closet. Ideal if you don’t spend too much time in your room.”



$750/month + $375 (deposit) – Yaletown. “Small room.”





$750/month + $375 (deposit) – Downtown. “I provide a private solarium for who is going to be my roommate soon. Must be clean and relatively quiet.”



$750/month – Downtown Vancouver. “Small furnished den. Comfortable bed, small closet, shoes organizer, lots of wall hangers, mirror and accordion door.”





$910/month + $455 (deposit) – 788 Jervis Street. “This is a very small room only good for single person who doesn’t have lots of luggage and mainly needs a place to sleep.”



$1,000/month + $500 (deposit) – 1310 Richards Street. “Furnished den with a twin size bed.”

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