Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas Estate goes up for sale

19686390Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas Estate goes up for sale

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Wayne Newton’s iconic 40-acre Las Vegas compound officially went up for sale on February 22nd, 2013.  The estate, known as ‘Casa de Shenandoah’, was approved to go to market in mid December 2012 by Bankruptcy Court Judge Bruce Markell.  Bankruptcy papers have valued the property at $50,800,000, and while the house is currently listed at an unspecified price, if it doesn’t sell it will go to auction on May 31, 2013.  Examiner.com reported that Newton and wife Kathleen are protesting the sale of the home.  Newton’s wife told Newsday, “a lease with a partnership that purchased the nearly 40-acre property for $19.5 million in June 2010 will let the couple and their 10-year-old daughter stay in the gold-trimmed opulent main house.”  CSC LLC, the company that purchased Newton’s estate in 2010, was originally working with Newton to transform the 40-acre estate into a Wayne Newton museum.


It’s reported that CSD LLC had already invested $50 million into the project before construction was halted.  The Daily Mail reports that “Under the terms of the museum deal, Newton, his wife and his daughter agreed to move to a newly constructed $2 million home on the estate so their mansion could be converted into a museum initially scheduled to open in late 2011.”  A lawsuit claims the family refused to leave the mansion.


The sale of Newton’s extensive exotic animal collection that once lived within the gates of Casa de Shenandoah was also approved this week to be sold to a wildlife center in Oregon for $27,300.  The unique estate features extensive grounds, horse stables, wash bays, arenas, a classic car garage, custom built airplane hangar & terminal, animal preserve areas, and mature landscaping.  To see the entire Casa de Shenandoah estate click here.




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