Wayzata Bay Estate by TEA2 Architects & John Kraemer and Sons (PHOTOS)

Wayzata Bay Estate by TEA2 Architects & John Kraemer and Sons

Wayzata, Minnesota, United States

It’s described as a legacy property by Minnetonka-based landscape architects, Keenan & Sveiven, Inc., who worked on the project alongside TEA2 Architects and John Kraemer and Sons. The lakeside manor is best described as exuding an English-style with a touch of modern design. Keenan & Sveiven, Inc. recollect the project, “We executed dramatic grading and sculpting of the land to create a lakeside bowl leading to the shoreline and boat landing. Further details include handcrafted Aqua Grantique stone walls, a fire ring with concentric bluestone and a paving stone courtyard with integrated storm water management.” The property it sits on was once much larger. The original 7.17 acre estate included a landmark 8,500 square foot contemporary home designed by Romaldo Giurgola for the head of Dayton Hudson Corp. in 1970. It sold for $9,100,000 and TEA2 Architects were commissioned to design a new home in its place. A quick look at Google Earth and it appears as though the original property was subdivided into three parcels following the sale. A neighbouring Greek Revival mansion dating to c.1894 was also given approval for demolition to make way for a new home. Photography by Corey Gaffer & Karen Melvin.





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