Winning Lotto 6/49 in Vancouver, BC


You’ve been playing the lottery for years and have managed to score a free ticket here and there and the occasional $10 winner.  Regardless of what you win it’s always an exciting moment.  We’ve all dreamt of winning the Jackpot and made a list of what we’d do if we won.  Tonight’s Lotto 6/49 Jackpot is an estimated $5 Million plus one guaranteed $1 Million prize.  You aren’t lucky enough to win the $5 Million, but let’s say you did nab that guaranteed $1 Million prize!  Exciting right?  You can now splurge a little more and live the life you always dreamed of!  Let’s go shopping for a new house.

$668,000 / 198 E 44 Av, Vancouver, BC

You want to stay in Vancouver so you take a look at this half-duplex on E 44th Avenue listed at $668,000.  This new construction spans 1,050 square feet with 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.  The listing says, “Potential suite on main level.”  Surely you can do better than this for $668,000!

v995910_1 fcopy
$719,900 / 4057 Inverness Street, Vancouver, BC

You keep looking and find this half-duplex listed at $719,000.  It’s a whole 42 square feet larger than the last one at 1,092 square feet.  It was built in 2013 and offers 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.

White House
$799,000 / 617 E Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

Fed up with only seeing half-duplexes you tell your agent you want to see some houses.  This is what you can get for $799,000 on E Pender Street.  Offering 2,140 square feet with 5 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms it is described as being, “structurally sound & solid.”

v995910f_1 copy
$799,900 / 5657 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

You continue your search for a detached home in Vancouver with this 1,775 square foot home on Main Street.  Built in 1974 it offers 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It’s described as, “A Vancouver Special Home in a desirable MAIN neighbourhood.”  The listing also notes that many updates have been done and that the home is well maintained.  This is the only listing photo they’ve provided.

v995910c_1 copy
$843,000 / 756 Union Street, Vancouver, BC

Your agent finally brings you to this cute little home that you suspect is under budget.  Wrong.  It’s listed at $843,000 offering 1,440 square feet with 6 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.  As a bonus it’s priced below the assessed value!  The decision is yours.  Would you spend nearly 3/4 of your Lotto winnings on one of these homes?  You might just have to stick to tight condo life if you want your winnings to last a lifetime.