You Can Buy a Knock Off of Texas’ Iconic Champ d’Or for $2M (PHOTOS)

You Can Buy a Knock Off of Texas’ Iconic Champ d’Or for $2M

8.43 Mayfield, Harlingen, Texas, United States, 78552

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that must be what the owners of this 10,437 square foot home in Harlingen, Texas were going for when they started designing their dream home. The unfinished structure is oddly similar (at least from the front) to the iconic Champ d’Or mansion in Hickory Creek, Texas and is only about 8 hours away. The knock off offers a little under 10,500 square feet on 8.43-acres, while the real thing spans 48,000 square feet on 40-acres. The listing says construction started in 2012 and today the home remains mostly unfinished other than some exterior finishings. The real Champ D’or was the dream of mobile phone executive Alan Goldfield and wife, Shirley, who sunk over $50,000,000 into the construction & finishing. It was finished in 2002 and put on the market just a year later with an ask price of $72,000,000. Sitting on 40-acres of land with 6 bedrooms & 14 bathrooms, the 48,000 square foot residences includes an incredible staircase, custom theatre with balconies, a 2 lane bowling alley and a two storey Chanel styled closet. The property is pending sale after being auctioned by Concierge Auctions. See more pictures of the real Champ d’Or here.

Real Champ d’Or at 1851 Turbeville Road, Hickory Creek, TX 75065


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